Code Logic & Testing

Every developer has his own unique style of coding. This comes naturally as you continue to evolve or grow.

My style depends on understanding the requirements of my tasks and understanding how it fits into the general application.

Every unique task will have it’s own unique code logic. This logic must translate into the idea designed for a specific feature on the app.

This feature should be tested to see that it works following design specifications.

Code Logic -> Feature -> Test feature.

Code logic could be Object Oriented, Functional or any other great programming concept.

The feature must have a look, feel and behaviour according to design specifications.

Testing the feature to see that it works.

There are many testing tools in the wild west of programming. I depend on the console, write-logs, stack-trace and simple user oriented testing.

Remember as you grow in your journey of code, you find your rhythm and your work starts to really feel great 😎

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By Samuel Nwaokoro

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