Code Logic & Testing

Every developer has his own unique style of coding. This comes naturally as you continue to evolve or grow. My style depends on understanding the requirements of my tasks and understanding how it fits into the general application. Every unique task will have it’s own unique code logic. This logic must translate into the idea… Continue reading Code Logic & Testing

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The Interview!

An interview used to be about getting the job to make ends meet. Now, it’s about understanding if you’re a great fit for the company and if the company will be a great fit for you. It is also about giving love, remote work has you meeting people from across the globe. You can start… Continue reading The Interview!

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Discrete Mathematics: Core concepts

Logic, Set theory, Graph theory, Number theory, and Combinatorics. Logic is about Booleans. It involves identifying predicates, adding quantifiers, logical operations, and formatting conditional statements. Set theory, found throughout the study of discrete math. It involves enumerating groups of data by organizing them into finite and infinite sets. Number theory, using integers or natural numbers… Continue reading Discrete Mathematics: Core concepts

Discrete Mathematics

The field of mathematics outside the realm of calculus. The study of separable, countable or quantified objects. The Gutenberg editor on WordPress is based upon the idea of discrete objects. Transiting from my thought process in medicine to computers has been a very rewarding trip. The first time I encountered a problem requiring knowledge in… Continue reading Discrete Mathematics

Architect or Creator?

Who is an Architect? Or rather what’s the difference between a creator and an architect? 1st, you must understand focus!

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Data Structure: The History API

Every array in JavaScript has push and pop methods. Because even arrays are objects in JavaScript. The History API was built around this data structure. window.history.pushState pushes data into an array in the history object. window.onpopstate is an event handler in the window object, receiving the popped value from the popped method in the history… Continue reading Data Structure: The History API

Hello world!

I’m Nigerian, an alien from outer space. This is the first contact. Writing to you from WordPress using the new Gutenberg editor. 🖖

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