Understanding Memory Leaks

You are the code, you are the program.

You should run efficiently.

How to run efficiently?

Avoid memory leaks when you evolve into the world of recursive programming.

Memory leaks are wormholes, bugs inside the code.
Should we squash the bugs? or should we code while avoiding wormholes?

The Firefox developer tools: I think is my next friend.


Data Structure: The History API

Every array in JavaScript has push and pop methods. Because even arrays are objects in JavaScript.

The History API was built around this data structure.

window.history.pushState pushes data into an array in the history object.

window.onpopstate is an event handler in the window object, receiving the popped value from the popped method in the history object.

Arrays are quite powerful when you bring your imaginations to life!


Hello world!

I’m Nigerian, an alien from outer space.

This is the first contact.

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